Installation & Maintenance of Water Heaters in Montreal & More

Are you shuddering at the thought your feet hitting the floor when it gets cold out? For personalized solutions guaranteeing ideal heating throughout the fall and winter seasons, you can count on our expertise at Plomberie de la Rivière. Our experienced contractors can meet all your residential, commercial and industrial needs for replacing boilers, installing circulators and maintaining water heaters in and around Montreal.

Heated Floors

If you want to enjoy evenly distributed heat, we offer a varied range of heated floors. These radiant floors are supplied with hot water and can even be installed in your basement or under concrete slabs.

Hydronic Heating

Advantageous and environmentally friendly, hydronic heating uses electricity and distributes heat evenly. By choosing this method of heating, you say goodbye to allergens and complex maintenance work.

Do not hesitate to contact Plomberie de la Rivière today to learn all about our heating products and solutions.

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